Things that I absolutely love are…

Sarcasm, Black Tea, Health/Nutrition, Fall Weather, Scarves, Yoga Pants, Laughter, Game of Pool, A Good Beer, Football, Music, Meeting New People, Donating, Traveling, and Living Every Day As A Blessing.

Things that I highly dislike are…

Selfishness, the word “hate”, April Fools Day, Touching Feet, Rose like fragrances, non-matching socks, the sound of sandpaper rubbing together, ant bites, long lines, mail-in-rebates, bad customer service, miracle whip, highly processed foods, and espresso.

Hello! My name is Maria Angela!

I am that odd combination between a true born “hippie” and a nail biting Type A personality. I am still trying to figure out how it works so well, but it does. ūüôā I absolutely love anything that can be labeled as “Art”. I started out in this world as a fine artist, hand drawing photo realistic portraits for those who wanted them while attending high school. I then went to Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and majored in Graphic Design, only to leave 15 credits shy of my bachelors to realize that my true passion was in photography. With a pile of school debt stacked on my kitchen table, and a need to support my new family, I dove into the wedding industry head first and haven’t stopped since. I am now heading into my¬†eighth¬†year (2016) of business and am grateful and humbled on a regular basis. It is a blessing to wake up morning after morning knowing that I am living out my childhood dream of being a professional artist.

In March of 2014, I successfully moved from SW Florida to Pittsburgh, PA. It took only two years to realize that I was extremely home sick and missed the wedding market in SWFL so much so that I decided split my time between both areas. I now have a home in Naples, Florida AS WELL as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Naples is where I was born, raised, and started and grew my wedding photography business 8 years ago. So now I am happy to say that I have the best of both worlds!

So until we officially meet, please feel free to get to know me better and connect with me either through facebook or pinterest!